Fluids filtration

The circulation of fluids is usually ensured by hydraulic machines where mechanical components are sensitive to the presence of solid contaminants, that can compromise their correct functioning or cause harmful wear: hence the need to remove such contaminants from the fluid. It may therefore be necessary to perform separate filtration treatments of contaminated fluid stock or the insertion of skid filtration in line with the plant. In such cases the filtration of the contaminated fluid is carried out by specific equipment outside the plant or in line. Through these devices the fluid to be treated is continuously filtered until the required contamination class is achieved.
The achievement of this result is certified by analysis of the contamination of the treated fluid, performed according to the methodologies suggested by the regulations in use or by a technical specification of the plant to be treated.

Depending on the type of plant to be treated and its size, the potential / flow rates of our pickling skids can be adapted to any technical specification and customer request
Some examples of equipment