Fluids dehydration

The presence of water in mineral or synthetic based fluids, be it gas oil, hydraulic oils, lubricating oils, is within certain limits, unavoidable; it is due to the establishment of a balance between the water present in the air and the one solubilized in the fluid, in a reciprocal exchange relationship.

However, when the amount of water present in the fluid exceeds this ratio, or due to accidental water ingress into the system, the characteristics of the fluid are compromised making it unsuitable for the intended operation: hence the need to remove water from the fluid to reintegrate features.

Dehydration of the contaminated fluid is performed by specific equipment outside the system. Through these devices the fluid to be treated is taken from the system hydraulic tank and continuously dehydrated, with re-insertion into the tank, until the water content is reduced to within the permitted levels. This treatment can be performed, as appropriate, with a stationary system or with the system in operation. The achievement of the required result is certified by analysis of the water content of the treated fluid, performed according to the methodologies suggested by the regulations in use.

Depending on the type of the plant to be treated and its size, the potential / flow rates of our piclink skids can be adapted to any technical specification and customer request
Some examples of equipment